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HVAC maintenance offers many benefits such as:

 Increasing the life span of the HVAC unit.

 Lowering the cooling and heating bills.

 Cleaning the interior air creating a clean environment for electronics. (Cooler air improves electronics functionality.)

During the scheduled contract year, Metro RF will perform a thorough maintenance check and cleaning of the system on each piece of equipment, at a minimum according to the manufacturer’s specifications, including but not limited to:

Quarterly Services: (once per quarter for each unit)

 Inspect unit filters and belts, replace as required.

 Check and clean condensate drain pans, drain lines and pumps.

 Observe proper condensate removal. Simulate if necessary. Replace slime removal tablets.

 Provide anti-clog treatment to condensate pans.

 Provide anti-clog treatment to IR humidifier pans (monthly)

 Observe/record proper temperature and humidity control. Adjust/repair as necessary.

 Check unit alarms including: high temp, high humidity, condensate overflow, liquitect water sensor in unit.

 Provide a general inspection of all system components including wiring, contacts, air pressure switches, belt tensions, etc.

 Check humidifiers, nozzles and auxiliary drain pan for obstructions and clean as necessary (where applicable)

 Measure fan motor performance.

 Measure breaker temperature to ensure breaker is not prone to fail.

 Check DX for refrigerant leaks, record operating pressures and temperatures.

Annual Services: (once per annum for each unit)

 Disassemble all panels, clean and vacuum entire unit.

 Wash down outside condensing units.

 Provide and install new air filtration.

 Replace belts and inspect sheaves for wear. Readjust belt tension one week after new belts are installed.

 Back flush chilled water coil.

 Pull, clean and replace chilled water strainer.

 Measure chilled water flow at return side balancing valve (if valve is provided).

 Clean and adjust electrical components as required.

Metro RF also provides emergency service calls to repair any HVAC troubles that may arise. We understand that the technology used to operate sites generate allot of heat and require cooling to keep the temperatures from reaching critical levels. With a service contract in place; Metro RF will have a qualified service technician on site within four (4) hours after initial notification of a problem by T-Mobile personnel.

All repairs shall be in accordance with accredited standards, manufacturers’ specifications, and codes applicable to equipment covered in this contract.

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