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Commercial & Municipalities

Using Solar Energy as an alternative power solution is a great way for your company or commercial building to save money on high energy costs and show that you are doing your part to be environmentally responsible. Businesses with high hot water demands and access to a good southern exposure can be great candidates for solar hot water. Restaurants, bakeries, beauty salons, health clubs, and hotels are all potentially good sites. A commercial installation generally makes use of the same system design and components as our residential systems, including a conventional back-up for hot water heating during high load and low sun periods. APS solar hot water professionals can help you determine the applicability of solar for your site.

Benefits for Businesses

Hedge Against Rising Commercial Electricity Costs

Using solar energy can greatly reduce or even completely eliminate your exposure to rising commercial electricity rates. If your business or commercial building uses a good deal of electricity or is a significant portion of your overhead, then these increases in electricity costs can affect your bottom line. By choosing an APS solar energy system, you will hedge against these increases, and enjoy cheap electricity rates for many years to come!

Reduce Your Building's Operating Costs

Installing an APS solar energy system is equivalent to prepaying for electricity at a fraction of the cost of current (and indeed future) rates. All of the state and government incentives are basically paying a significant portion of this prepaid electricity. So why not take advantage of this opportunity to have your electricity costs subsidized, especially if energy costs are a large portion of your overhead.

Be a “Green” Business

By using Solar Energy, you are expressing a compassion for the environment and community around you. It will differentiate you from your competitors, and may be the tipping point to drive their business to you. Going "green" today not only delivers numerous financial benefits to your business, but can also be a terrific source of public relations and a unique marketing tool.