Here are some of our more notable experiences:

• Site Audits - In 2004, completed approximately 500 site inventory audits for the New York City Market for T-Mobile.

• Quality Assurance - In 2005 and 2006, managed and performed over 600 Quality Assurance Inspections in the NY and NJ Market on New Site Builds for T-Mobile.

In 2008, implemented Quality Assurance Polices and Procedures for a Northrop Grumman managed project for the City of New York’s FDNY, EMS and NYPD communication systems on over 80 sites.

• UMTS Site Audits – Since 2006 to 2013, completed over 700 UMTS Site Audits.

• UMTS Consolidations – Since 2006 to 2013 performed over 950 UMTS (3G) Consolidations.

• 3G Cabinet Deployments – Since 2006 to 2013 performed over 1500 3G upgrades. Including TMAs, Antennas and Coax.

• RET Repair/Replacement - In 2007, managed and performed audits and RET motor repair/replacement on approximately 1,323 sites in a three month period.

• Software Upgrades - In 2008, managed and performed on-site system firmware upgrades and replacement on approximately 1,100 sites in one and a half month time-frame.

• Hardware Upgrades – In 2008 upgraded the entire antenna systems on over 300 sites. In 2009, upgraded amplifiers on over 120 sites in the New York City Market

in a period of three months. Exceeded all previous records set by other contractors. In 2010, upgraded an additional 80 sites as determined by RF engineering.

• Field Operations and RF Engineering - From 2004 to 2013 managed and performed over 7,000 work orders and trouble tickets.

• HSPA+ Upgrades – Completed over 150 fiber installations and upgrades.

• 4G Site Upgrades – Since 2010 we have completed over 100 WiMax and LTE cell site upgrades.

• LTE Upgrades – Ongoing in 2013, Completed over 1000+ LTE equipment upgrades include fiber installation, Remote Read Heads (RRH) and Remote Radio Units (RRU) and new antennas systems.

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